How to Avoid Cancer

In the 21st century, cancer is one of the killer diseases. But if you live a healthy lifestyle, chances of contracting this killer disease will be history. According to Thomas A. Sellers, Ph.D., associate director of cancer prevention and control at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, 70% of known causes of cancer are avoidable, and all are related to lifestyle. A healthy diet, exercises, avoidance of tobacco and related products are some of the defense mechanisms, but research has shown some surprising ways in which you can avoid cancer.


Avoid Processed Meat

Processed meat contains heterocyclic amines which cause cancer. These heterocyclic forms when meat is seared at higHow to Avoid Cancerh temperatures and also polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which get into food when it is grilled. It is highly recommended that you cut down on grilled meat which scientific research has shown to have high chances of causing cancer. If you have to do processed meat, soak for at least one hour before cooking and if it’s grilled, add thyme and rosemary.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is a great component that will help you lower the risk of suffering bladder cancer. Water will dilute the concentration of cancer-causing agents in urine thus assist the body in flush these agents out of the bladder. According to America Cancer Society, it suggests drinking about eight glasses of water a day.

Load up on Whole Grains

Wheat is better and healthy for you than white bread. Whole grain foods like brown bread come with fibre, unlike white bread which comes with high glycolic which puts you at a risk of suffering from colorectal cancer and especially in women.

Avoid Stress

Stress is one factor that you should control using all means. When you are stressed, your body will release cortisol from your bi kidneys which will weaken your Immuno Defense System

Take Caffeine Everyday

Research has shown that drinking at least 5 cups of caffeine every veggiesday lowers the risk of one suffering from brain cancer by 40%. Also, caffeine reduces the risk of suffering from oral and throat cancer.

Filtering tap water, loading up on greens, moderate exercises like walking for 2 hours a week and increasing calcium intake are other effective ways of preventing cancer. These are simple measures which many are aware of but ignorance has led to majority suffer from this killer disease. Take action as early as now and lower the risk of you suffering from Cancer.