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Headaches are a manifestation of the busy and hectic schedules that most of us have to live with today. Notably, most cases of stress are linked to stresses, lack of (inadequate) sleep, or a hangover. These stresses can be combated with a good nap and a couple of aspirins. However, these causative agents are not always behind the incidence of headaches. There could be more powerful forces or causes rather behind this headache. In this case, a more severe headache known as migraine results. This headache is unbearable. In this regard, this article presents facts about this headache and ways to prevent a migraine with foods.

What is Migraine?

Unlike most common ailments, medical researchelm563etd6y27eu82i92rs have not yet ascertained the exact causative agents behind the occurrence of a migraine. However, medical experts can identify key pointers that occur when it results. As such, the most significant force behind the occurrence of a migraine is over-stimulation of nerve cells. As such, when these nerves are over stimulated, they release a certain chemical that makes blood vessels in the brain and the neck to swell that lead to a migraine.

Symptoms of Migraine Attacks

As mentioned earlier, a migraine different from ordinary headaches. It is distinguished from other headaches considering its mode of attack. Ideally, a migraine attacks only one side of the head. Moreover, it comes with a throbbing pain accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and a high degree of sensitivity to lights and sounds. In this regard, contact you doctor to evaluate your headache in case it is accompanied by fever, back pains, slow response to stimuli, difficulty in concentrating, and drowsiness.

Migraine Triggers

There are a couple of foods that are linked to migraine attacks. Most of these foods have been generated from patient self-reports. Notably, with research, most scientists have been able to relate the nature of these attacks to those foods. As such, the major forces behind these attacks are alcohol consumption and eating chocolates. Medical findings reveal that these forces are behind 33% and 22% of migraine cases. Other minor triggers include citrus fruits, eggs, onions, bananas apples, dairy products among others.

Is there a Migraine Prevention Diet?

Diet can be an important aspect to some headache suffers and less important to others. However, there are proven and tested ways to headache suffersprevent a migraine with food. As such, paying close attention to the foods you eat plays a critical role in dealing with these painful headaches. As such, a diet rich in elements like riboflavin, magnesium, Co-enzyme Q10, Omega 3 fatty acids can be of great help. Besides the dietary approach, you can also adopt a training regime and several mid relaxation techniques like Yoga.

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