Natural Herbs for Treating Female Sexual Dysfunction

Generally, the state of frigidity usually occurs during menopause. However, sometimes women may also be afraid of intercourse in the frigidity state when they experience different hormonal changes that also alter their mental illness. Some cases indicate the possibility of frigidity after women experienced some harm or abuse or. Accordingly, many facets can trigger frigidity in women, such as stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc. You can read to get a better understanding of this health issue and how you can treat it. 

Among many possible treatments, the best choice to treat female frigidity is through herbal remedies instead of opting for drugs or other synthetic compounds. As people may have already known well, herbal products are the best treatment to increase libido. It helps to heal frigidity without any undesired effects, so women can fully enjoy their sexual lifestyle. However, always ensure to use some specific herbs with the ability to keep hormonal levels balance. This way, it can enhance the woman’s libido. Besides, women’s bodies also require a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins, so supplements with both elements are also necessary since they are safe and effective. Learn some natural herbs to treat female frigidity below. 

Kava Kava

One of the fantastic herbs to treat sexual arousal disorder in women is Kava Kava. This natural herb is also helpful in healing sexual desire. Kava kava can solve the problems of extreme stress, anxiety, and nervousness.

Damiana Leaf

daimana leafPeople have widely used damiana leaf to treat frigidity and other sexual disorders as a stimulant or aphrodisiac. It helps the proper flow to make the sexual organ function well, leading to increased sexual desire. No wonder that it has always shown significant effects every time. 


gingerGinger is an evolved home remedy from traditional Eastern medicine. Its regular consumption has shown excellent benefits to women. In this case, take a half teaspoonful of Ginger with honey and half-boiled eggs once a day during the night for a month to tone up the sex stimulating center. The same recipe with Ginger prepared with crushed milk also helps with female frigidity.


Ginseng is a very effective herb for treating frigidity. This Asian origin is an organ stimulant that can stimulate sexual desire. It is crucial to remember not to consume Ginseng with caffeine since it can cause increased stimulation. In severe cases of overdose, the combination of both can also cause insomnia.

Muira Pauma

Muira Puama is also best known to help with hormone production and libido enhancement. The black cohosh has a balancing effect on reproductive cells. Therefore, it is beneficial for improving sexual urges in women with decreased libido, which has become the basis for its traditional use in treating hot flashes and mood swings associated with low estrogen levels. It should be taken daily for two weeks without a break if you want a better result.